02 July 2013

Librería Merlín, Bogotá

Bogotá's small and desolate Callejón de la Vera Cruz is just off a bustling strip of new, used, and pirated book stores. The few store fronts on this tiny alley are tucked away and easy to miss. You will be delightfully surprised, though, to wander into Librería Merlín--which doesn't look like much on the outside--to find three floors of book lovers' paradise.

Located on Callejón de la Vera Cruz, near the Museo de Oro, Centro

obligatory Bolívar portraits in Colombia section
piles and piles of books!
carefully placed thematic decor
3rd floor

Merlín is stacked to the brim with books, magazines, artifacts, art, antiques, and trinkets all thoughtfully arranged to complement one another. One of the dreamiest book-browsing experiences I have ever had!


  1. Looks like an amazing place to get lost for the afternoon, but how is the art section! Cool panorama tambien.

  2. Cool! Nothing like Bolívar portraits to make methink of a bookstore. =P

  3. Se encuentra literatura en sociología muy buena libreria en una muy buena ciudad, para muy buenos lectores.